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Това, което виждам, е истинско, това, което чувствам, е автентично.

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We are a brand that deals with import and export
of products of Italian food excellence.
The name itself suggests the deep connection
with Italy and the love of food.
We feel we are the Ambassadors of Italian Taste.
Every bottle of wine, every cheese, every salami,
every dish is a journey through the culture
and passion for our country
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Affetto&DIvino is above all a Hub,
a platform of connection,
inviting you to discover countries, cultures,
art and gastronomy with the eyes of the soul. 

Affetto&DIvino is a philosophy of life,
that pushes you to travel and learn in a
conscious, respectful and engaging way. 

Affetto&DIvino is a sensorial experience.
It's an opportunity to connect with people
and stories that have never been told, 
an experience of loosing yourself in the traditions and artistic expressions of places.

Affetto&DIvino not just a name, but a promise.
It's an ideal travel companion that will gift you
with authentic, exciting and changing experiences.
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Affetto&DIvino create exclusive experiential events with the collaboration of artists, chefs, sommeliers, influencers, local associations and brands. 
Magical moments to share unforgettable emotions with other people
with the same taste and passion for good food and discovery. 

You can be a part of exclusive dinners, attend Festivals, Concert, 
Theatre and Circus Performances.
You can visit exhibitions and museums or go on excursions. 

Each event is designed to stimulate your senses and enrich your experience.
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The first "connection" project of Affetto&DIvino, involves two charming countries
very different from each other sharing
an ancient and cultural richness:
Italy and Bulgaria. We call our firs project
Conversations with Sonya.
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Art, history, beauty and taste come together in Italy in a perfect harmony. With Affetto&DIvino you can cherish breathtaking landscapes,
its cities of art, its enchanting villages and the regional cuisines.
You can participate in paintings, cooking, music and theatre workshops.

Bulgaria is a country where the ancient and modern get togheter in a surprising contrast. With Affetto&DIvino you can explore its mountains, forests,
beaches and cities. You will discover a thousand-year-old culture, folklore,
religion, gastronomy and experiment sensorial activities such as
mud bathing, wine and cheese tasting, meditation and spiritual chanting.
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Conversations with Sonya is a visual communication project to tell stories of places, people, art, culture, technology and environmental sustainability.

The project is based on a strategic communication and marketing plan and strives to create a public interest, involvement and fidelization. The chosen format is that of a Tv series and combines documentary, fiction and Web content elements. 
The series consists of eight episodes. Each episode is dedicated to a specific theme that involves both Italy and Bulgaria.

In Conversations with Sonya, the brand will be a true active protagonist of the narration, not just a sponsor as a simple accessory element. The brand will be involved in the story, scenography, dialogues and actions of the characters, in order to create an emotional and valuable connection with the audience.

From the beginning of the production, we will be active on 
social media with an integrated and multi-channel communication strategy. Through our social media profiles, we will share insights, feedback and curiosities on the“ behind the scenes“ of the real lives of our protagonists.

Besides, we will organize experiential events in cooperation 
with our brand partners and offer the opportunity to experience the emotions and atmospheres of the series.
These events will also be the opportunity to create a community of fans and influencers, the real ambassadors of the project.
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